YSI COVID-19 Policies

Updated 12/10/2021

(*Please note these guidelines are subject to change as guidance evolves)

It is Youth Soccer International's number one priority to ensure the health and safety of our players, coaches & families. Youth Soccer International has taken the COVID pandemic very seriously and has ensured from the beginning of the pandemic that we follow all local and governing body guidelines to keep our players, families and coaches safe. If there are any changes to the CDC or local guidelines, Youth Soccer International will update its Covid-19 policies accordingly.

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  • Currently, masks are not required outdoors, and are recommended for players and coaches indoors, in accordance with CDC guidance. Coaches and players are encouraged to maintain social distancing whenever possible. 
  • Notify YSI Coaches immediately if you are feeling ill
  • Wash hands thoroughly before and after training
  • Bring a water bottle marked with your name
  • Do not touch or share anyone else’s equipment, water, food or bags

Parent Responsibilities

Parent Responsibilities:

  • Sign and Return Waivers prior to participation
  • Carefully review these guidelines and acknowledge acceptance and receipt of these guidelines
  • Notify us immediately if your child has had "close contact" with anyone with Covid-19 as defined by the CDC
  • Notify us immediately if your child becomes ill for any reason
  • Keep your child home if they feel ill
  • Ensure your child is healthy and check your child’s temperature before activities with others. Participant with a temperature of 100.4°F or above shall not be permitted to attend any youth soccer activity or remain on site



  • Please immediately notify us if your child becomes ill
  • Please immediately contact us if your child has been identified as a "close contact" of someone with Covid-19 or is feeling ill for any reason
  • Please do not ever hesitate to reach out to us if you do not know what to do in a given scenario. We will guide you on next steps to ensure the safety of all players, coaches and families.